Replacing doors doesn’t need to be difficult

Replacing doors doesn’t need to be difficult

So there is a challenge with your door.

It sticks now and then.

It squeals a complaint whenever it is opened or closed.

It is drafty round the edges.

Basically coming apart at the seams.


Sounds bad.

Sounds like you need to check out the latest and greatest in door designs.

A door installation is not the nightmare job that everyone thinks it might be.  Yes, there may likely to be a little bit of dust as the door is exchanged, but this is generally cleaned up.

Let us break things down as we go.


A sticky door.

This may be a little dependent on where it sticks as well as what type of door you have installed.

It may be a simple case of a quick door repair to resolve the issue.

If the door is sticking as you open or close it, then this may indicate that the door has adjusted a little.  For an old, or older, wooden door then this may be that the door has swollen a little if water has penetrated the wood.  This then means that the door is larger than the door frame.  In this instance, if you let the door dry out then things should be fine.  Though as we are all well aware that in Blackpool, on the Fylde Coast or in Preston, the weather may not be very cooperative.  If it does work with us then once the door has dried out and works fine without sticking then we may be able to treat the door to help prevent getting damp into the wood.  Otherwise we may be best performing a door repair and using a plane, take a little off the edges in question.  Once we have gone back to bare wood we would need to treat the wood to prevent damp getting in.  If the wood gets damp it may begin to rot and then we would be performing major door surgery to put things right or even replace the door.


A squeal.

Squeals from a door may be simply hinges that need looking at.  A little oil on the hinges may assist.  You only need a touch of oil, or you may end up with a run of oil down the edge of the door.  This is a nice easy door repair that can be done by anyone and can save time and money.  If squeals are left untreated it may begin to wear down the hinges.  A worn hinge would need to be replaced and if it goes too far you may find that the door does not open as well as it should.


Draft round the edges.

This may not be just round the edges either.  Some old wooden doors can crack in the middle too.  This in turn means that when the wind blows, as it usually does around Blackpooll and Preston, it will come straight through the door and into your normally cosy home.  These winds are generally quite lazy and will blow through the house rather than go around it.  This is definitely something we need to avoid.

The challenge with drafts is working out what the issue is.  It can be a simple door repair because the door seal has failed.  Though in the case of a old wooden cracked door, the better solution may be a new door installation to replace the door with an energy efficient uPVC version.  This option would work out well for energy efficiency and aesthetics.  They look good too.


So you do not have any of these issues, why change your door?

Replacing a door either the front door or the back door of your home is not too much of a commitment as it sounds.  Older wooden doors can work perfectly well though their energy efficiency may not be as good as a new uPVC option.  Security may be improved by replacing the door as well.  If your old wooden door is showing its age then it may also be hiding weaknesses too.  It is a good idea to check your doors now and then for signs of rot, early signs can, and should, be treated before the door gets to the point where it is no longer fit for purpose.

Newer door installations by a professional team of fitters will be done and dusted, yes they clean up after themselves too, without too much hassle.  Your challenge is trying to work out what design you would like, what colour you would like the door to be and what type of door handles you would like to have fitted.

So get the experts in to have a look at your door installation as it is now and they will be able to advise you as to what your options are.  If you decide that the new door installation is for you and your home then you can talk through the various options of colour, design and handle style.

Once fitted, you will love the way it just does its job and doe not squeak or squeal when it is open or closed.  Best of all it will make the winds take the long way round the house.

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