Improving property value by updating windows and doors

Improving property value by updating windows and doors

Apparently we judge people within the first few seconds of meeting them.

Especially true if you are attending an interview, we all go looking to get the job and so we look our best.  Washed, shaved, clean and tidy hair, best bib and tucker, or a suit at least.

So if we want to sell our house or improve the value of it we need to do similar things.

The kerb appeal of a house is based on wht it looks like.  A scruffy house will get fewer looks from passers by and if they do notice it they will pass, usually, unfavourable comment.  Untidy, unkempt, not looked after.  If you are trying to seel such a property, it may sell but it may take longer because people may percieve that there is likely a lot of work needing doing and sometimes they cannot be bothetred getting their hands dirty.  But if you are selling cheap then go for it.

But we all want the best price we can when selling so that we can then use those funds to purchase something a little better, maybe that little something with the extra garden space, or a  garage.

So how do we improve things?

There are many modifications you can make to your home to increase its value. Painting, remodeling and room additions come to mind. Great and simple if it a lick of paint but a remodel or adding rooms may have initial, substantial, up front costs involved. 

However, there are few upgrades that will allow you to recoup or even surpass your investment. Installing replacement windows and doors can do that for you all while increasing the value of your property.   While your existing wooden windows and doors may look great because you keep them that way and free from damage, a new door and window installation of uPVC will also cut down on maintenance, for quite a few years.  Another option which sometimes gets overlooked are the new devices which are slowly gaining popularity roof light tunnels are one and skylights are another, great options for bringing in more natural light to areas that may require it.



Many buyers are conscience of the overall-energy efficiency of their homes at the moment, it is all over the headlines that energy costs are, or have, increased a lot. With a window installation which replaces inefficient, or blown, windows in your home, you not only increase its overall energy efficiency, but you can significantly increase your overall comfort level. Homes with drafty, single-pane windows can especially benefit from replacement. These windows tend to be poor insulators, allowing the hot and cold in during the summer and winter months. This alone significantly increases cooling and heating costs.  The same goes for blown windows too, they are not efficient so your costs will increase.

Homeowners in Preston and Blackpool, elsewhere too, can reduce these costs, year on year, by installing more energy efficient windows – and doors.  Getting rid of those old brown wooden doors which may be rotten around the edges, or at least damaged, would benefit you by preventing draughts and increasing your thermal efficiency.  Basically it will cost you less to get (and stay) warm.



You can increase the value of older homes with wood windows by replacing them with modern window materials. Wood windows require periodic maintenance because of exposure to the elements. They need to be cleaned, sanded and painted regularly. When exposed to high levels of moisture, wood windows may also begin to rot. Modern wood materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, or composite do not face these same issues. They are weather resistant and never need to be repainted. Since these materials cut back maintenance time and cost, they are a valuable asset to homeowners. Also if you factor in that your old wooden door also requires the same care and attention as the window frames, that is a lot of maintenance work. Either you do the work or you pay someone else to do it for you. These jobs are basically a summer job as you certainly cannot rely on the weather in the Preston or Blackpool areas during the off season.



A home’s exterior can often get a boost from the installation of replacement windows. It is a common misconception that vinyl,fiberglass and uPVC windows don’t offer the same aesthetic value as wood windows. The truth is that when it comes to modern windows, there are variety of colors and designs to choose from. For example, vinyl windows can be manufactured with a wood grain appearance. When you choose your replacement windows, just make sure that they match your existing style and color scheme.

Replacement windows can also improve the looks of a home’s interior. Specially treated glass allows natural light into the home while keeping any excess heat of the day outside. Conversely during the cooler winter months it may be that any heat is held within the room rather than lost throughthe glass. Natural light goes a long way to make the space inside the home feel bigger. New windows can also provide expansive views. For example, casement windows open on their sides via hinges and do not have a dividing bar in the middle to block the view. Great views from the inside and out translate to a higher property value.  Just what we want.



Just as single-pane windows are not effective temperature regulators, they also do little to keep noise outside of your home. So if you live near a noisy road then you may want to opt for a double , or veen triple, glazing solution which will cut down exterior noise levels.  

From energy savings to a quieter home, replacement windows and doors do a lot to increase the value of your home. The great thing is that replacement windows and doors are a great long-term investment. They are durable enough to last for years to come, and they also retain their value well.


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