Improve the kerb appeal of your home, specifically looking at the front door.

Improve the kerb appeal of your home, specifically looking at the front door.

Improve the kerb appeal of your home, specifically looking at the front door.


Improving the curb appeal of your house in Blackpool or Preston can enhance its overall appearance and potentially increase its value. Here are some tips to help you improve your home’s curb appeal:


Maintain the Garden:


Trim the grass, weed the garden beds, and keep the lawn well-manicured.

Add colorful flowers and plants to create an inviting and vibrant atmosphere.


Clean Exterior:


Pressure wash the exterior walls, driveway, and sidewalks to remove dirt and grime.

Clean the windows to allow more natural light into the house and improve overall aesthetics.




Consider giving the front door, shutters, and trim a fresh coat of paint in a color that complements the overall scheme.

Ensure that the paint on the exterior is in good condition, and touch up any areas that may be peeling or faded.


Outdoor Lighting:


Install or update outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate the front entrance and pathways.

Consider adding solar-powered lights along the driveway or garden for an eco-friendly touch.


Upgrade your Front Door:


When upgrading a uPVC front door for better curb appeal in Blackpool or Preston, you can consider the local architectural styles and climate. Here are some specific tips for enhancing the appearance of your uPVC front door in these areas:


Choose Coastal-Friendly Colors:


Consider colors that complement the coastal environment. Coastal tones like blues, greens, and whites can work well. Alternatively, a bold color that contrasts with the surroundings can make a statement.


Add Nautical or Coastal Elements:


Integrate nautical or coastal-themed hardware, such as door knockers shaped like anchors or shells, to evoke a seaside ambiance.


Use Durable Materials:


Given the coastal location, choose materials that can withstand salt and moisture. Ensure that the upgraded door and hardware are resistant to corrosion and degradation from the sea air.


Consider Glass Patterns:


Use glass with patterns or textures that evoke a seaside feel, such as frosted waves or seashells. This adds visual interest and allows natural light to brighten the entryway.


Include Coastal Landscaping:


Enhance the overall curb appeal by incorporating coastal plants and landscaping elements around the entrance. Consider beach grass, succulents, or other plants that thrive in coastal conditions.


Install a Porch or Canopy:


If space permits, consider adding a porch or canopy to provide shelter from the elements. This not only enhances the curb appeal but also serves a practical purpose in the variable weather conditions.


Coordinate with Local Architecture:


Look at the architectural styles prevalent in Blackpool and Preston. Choose a door design and color that complements the local aesthetic while still adding a touch of individuality.


Consider Composite Materials:


If upgrading the entire door, consider composite materials that offer durability, energy efficiency, and a more upscale appearance than standard uPVC.


Upgrade Hardware:


Choose hardware finishes that resist corrosion and match the coastal theme, such as stainless steel or weather-resistant materials. This includes the door handle, knocker, and letterbox.


Add Outdoor Lighting:


Install outdoor lighting that complements the coastal theme. Nautical-style wall sconces or lanterns can enhance the entrance and provide a welcoming glow in the evenings.


Create Symmetry:


Achieve balance and symmetry in the design. Consider flanking the door with potted plants, lanterns, or matching decor to create a cohesive look.


Maintain a Clean Exterior:


Regularly clean the door and surrounding areas to remove salt residue and maintain a fresh appearance.




Plant trees or shrubs strategically to frame the house and add visual interest.

Use mulch or decorative stones to define garden beds and create a polished look.


Fencing and Gates:


Repair or replace any damaged fencing and gates.

Consider painting or staining them to enhance their appearance.


Address Numbers:


Ensure that your house numbers are clearly visible from the street and in a style that complements your home’s design.


Outdoor Furniture:


Place tasteful outdoor furniture, such as a small seating area or potted plants, on the porch or in the front yard to create a welcoming atmosphere.


Clean and Tidy:


Keep the porch and entryway clutter-free.

Store bins and gardening tools out of sight.


Roof Maintenance:


Ensure that the roof is in good condition. Replace any damaged or missing tiles.  This is not just to prevent water getting in, but also prevents small insects coming in to build a nest..

Clean the gutters regularly.  You do not want a blocked downspout when the rains come, as it can lead to damp walls.


Decorative Accents:


Consider adding decorative elements like a stylish mailbox, door wreath, or seasonal decorations to add a personal touch.


Remember that consistency is key when improving curb appeal. Ensure that the changes you make harmonise with the overall style of your home and the neighborhood. Additionally, maintaining the improvements over time will help keep your home looking its best.

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