How usage naturally leads to component failure

How usage naturally leads to component failure

So we all want to breathe fresh air on those lovely sunny days we get in Blackpool, or even Preston.

Though eventually, and unfortunately this is likely to happen, the window will decide that it does not want to play along.  It will make up its own mind that today, of all days, it will remain firmly shut – if you are lucky.  The option which would be worse would be one at the end of the day when the weather turned a touch inclement, like it does now and then around Preston and Blackpool, and the window is refusing to close properly.

The challenge here is some form of component failure.  In the case of the door or window refusing to open it is likely to be the locking mechanism.  Not necessarily the one with the key, but the slider parts which may have become a touch unruly in their old, likely, age.  Another option which would probably stand out very much would be the broken handle, which has just come off in your hand, obviously a repair job.

This seems to show that there are a few different moving parts that can fail with a window and a door.

However, do not let all this doom and gloom put you all in a tizz.  These challenges may be easily rectifiable with a quick repair. The obvious broken door handle, or window handle, may not be the best time to get the glue out, but getting a replacement for the broken handle is usually fairly straightforward.

Another issue which is not quite a failure but may indicate it is on the way are hinges that are screeching.  When hinges get too dry they seize up slightly.  With you opening the window or even the door, you are applying more pressure on the hinge which is showing it has a rebellious streak by screeching at you.  This does need to be looked at and a little oil applied to ease the hinges back into the quiet mode of operation once again.  If the hinges have gone rusty then replacing them may be a better, more reliable option.  It may also be quicker too.

The same option goes for the locking mechanism.  This mechanism is the one that runs up the open end of a door or along the opened edge of a window.  It has numerous bits that stick out and these situate themselves into holes on the frame.  When the handle is turned these lock the door or window securely.  However, there is a long bar that connects all these bits together.  This long bar, metal obviously, needs to be oiled now and then with a light oil, sparingly applied.  If it has reached the point where it is really difficult to operate the mechanism then the best option, if you have tried oiling, is to get the mechanism replaced.  This is possible best done before the window or door refuses to open.

Another failure option which can be in effect is complete wear of the assorted components as they get old or get damaged.  Sometimes you may see bits where the window seats itself when closed.  Or you may have what looks like black dust on the floor where the door is hung.  Some cases are where the components have simply worn with age and there is not really anything that can be done except to replace the damaged component.

The components of a door or window do have a finite life, generally measured in decades, so this is not something that should happen every year or so.

If the door, or window, is damaged or the frame is damaged in either case then it may be a good idea to get some professional advice to determine if the situation can easily be resolved or if a complete door installation or window replacement is needed.

So all in all, the various bits and pieces that make up your lovely windows and doors are likely to have a failure at some time in the distant future. The components that make it work are metal bits that rub against other metal bits and this can cause wear and tear which over a long time will cause these parts to become worn.  Worn components can make funny screeching noises or in the worst case stop working altogether.  A broken door handle or a broken window handle can be easily replaced.  Also some of the metal components can be replaced too.  If you are worried about your windows and doors if they are showing signs of age, it may be best to call a professional.  They will let you know the best course of action you may need to take.  It may be something as simple as adding a drop of oil to the screeching component.

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