External Door handles for wood or uPVC doors and whether you need to replace them

External Door handles for wood or uPVC doors and whether you need to replace them

External door handles play a crucial role in providing security, functionality, and aesthetic appeal
to our homes. Whether you have wood or uPVC doors, the choice of door handles can
significantly impact the overall look and feel of your property. However, over time, wear and tear
can affect the performance and appearance of these handles, leading to the question of
whether they need to be replaced. In this blog, we will explore the factors that determine
whether you should replace your external door handles and discuss the considerations specific
to wood and uPVC doors.

I. Signs that Indicate the Need for Replacement:
Before deciding whether to replace your external door handles, it is essential to identify signs of
wear and damage. Here are some common indicators that suggest it may be time for a
Loose or Wobbly Handles: Handles that feel loose or wobble when operated may indicate a
weakening of the fixing mechanism or internal components. This compromises the security and
functionality of your door, necessitating a replacement. Replacing a set of door handles is fairly
easy to do, however, a professional team can help you out if you prefer.
Visible Rust or Corrosion: Over time, exposure to the elements can cause metal handles to rust
or corrode. Not only does this detract from the doors appearance, but it can also lead to
difficulties in operation. If your handle shows signs of rust or corrosion, it is advisable to
consider a replacement. The weather does have quite a say with the corrosion side of things,
especially around the Blackpool and Preston areas.
Damaged or Broken Components: If any part of the handle, such as the spindle, latch
mechanism, or lock cylinder, is damaged or broken, it can impair the doors performance and
compromise security. In such cases, replacing the handle is the best course of action.
Aesthetic Considerations: Sometimes, you may simply desire a change in the appearance of
your door handles. Perhaps the style is outdated, or you want to upgrade to a more modern
design that better complements your homes aesthetics. In such instances, replacing the handles can offer a fresh and updated look.

II. Considerations for Wood Doors:
Wood doors have unique characteristics that warrant special attention when it comes to
choosing and replacing door handles. Here are some factors to consider:
Compatibility: When replacing door handles on wood doors, it is crucial to ensure compatibility
with the doors thickness and configuration. Measure the doors thickness and check the
handles specifications to ensure a proper fit. This is where a professional team that cover the
Blackpool and Preston areas can help you out.
Material and Finish: Wood doors often have a distinct finish or stain. To maintain the doors
overall aesthetic appeal, select handles that complement the existing finish. Consider materials
such as brass, bronze, or stainless steel, which can offer durability and a timeless look.
Mortice or Rim Locks: Wood doors commonly feature mortice or rim locks, which require
handles that are specifically designed to work with these types of locks. Ensure that the
replacement handle is compatible with the doors locking mechanism.
Period-Appropriate Styles: If you have a period property or desire a specific architectural style,
opt for handles that match the era or theme. Reproduction handles or antique-style designs can
enhance the doors character and maintain its historical charm.

III. Considerations for uPVC Doors:
uPVC doors, made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, have gained popularity due to their
durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. Here are some factors to consider when
replacing door handles on uPVC doors:

Measurements and Fit: uPVC doors often have standardized handle sizes, so replacing handles
usually involves matching the existing measurements. Measure the spindle length, screw
positions, and overall dimensions to ensure a proper fit. You do not want to order the wrong
size and it does not fit the hole left behind. Give the team a call to provide some advice. We
cover the Blackpool and Preston areas.

Material and Finish: uPVC doors are available in a variety of finishes, including white, wood
grain, and colored options. Choose door handles that complement the doors finish for a
cohesive look. Materials like uPVC or stainless steel are commonly used for their resistance to
weathering and durability.

Multipoint Locking Systems: uPVC doors frequently feature multipoint locking systems, where
the handle operates multiple locks simultaneously. Ensure that the replacement handle is
compatible with the doors locking mechanism to ensure proper functionality and security.
Security Features: uPVC doors often have enhanced security features such as anti-snap
cylinders or multipoint locking systems. When replacing handles, it is advisable to maintain or
upgrade these security features to ensure the continued safety of your property.

Whether you have wood or uPVC doors, external door handles are subject to wear and tear
over time. Recognizing the signs of damage and considering the specific requirements of your
door material are crucial in determining whether replacement is necessary. By choosing handles

that are compatible, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, you can enhance the security and
appearance of your home. Remember to prioritize functionality, security, and the overall style
when making your selection. When in doubt, consult a professional who can guide you in
choosing the right external door handles for your wood or uPVC doors.

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