Drafty Windows and Solutions to Eliminate Drafts in Preston and Blackpool Areas

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Drafty Windows and Solutions to Eliminate Drafts in Preston and Blackpool Areas


Drafty windows can significantly compromise the comfort and energy efficiency of homes, causing discomfort, increased energy bills, and environmental wastage. This article explores the issue of drafty windows in the Preston and Blackpool areas, highlighting the common causes and consequences of drafts. Additionally, we will delve into effective solutions that homeowners can employ to address this problem and create a more comfortable living environment.


Causes of Drafty Windows

Drafty windows occur due to various factors, including:

  1. a) Poor Window Installation: Inadequate installation can lead to gaps and misalignment, enabling air to infiltrate.
  2. b) Aging Windows: As windows age, they can deteriorate, leading to gaps, cracks, and inefficient insulation.
  3. c) Faulty Seals and Weatherstripping: Over time, seals and weatherstripping can wear out or become damaged, allowing drafts to enter.
  4. d) Insufficient Insulation: Inadequate insulation around windows can facilitate air leakage.
  5. e) Structural Issues: Structural movement or settling can cause windows to become misaligned, creating gaps and drafts.


Consequences of Drafty Windows

Drafty windows can have several adverse effects:

  1. a) Energy Loss: Air leakage through drafty windows causes increased energy consumption for heating or cooling, resulting in higher utility bills.
  2. b) Discomfort: Drafts can create cold spots near windows, making rooms uncomfortable and reducing overall livability.
  3. c) Reduced Indoor Air Quality: Drafts bring in outdoor pollutants, allergens, and dust, impacting the indoor air quality and potentially causing health issues.
  4. d) Moisture and Condensation: Drafts can allow moisture to enter, leading to condensation issues that can contribute to mold and mildew growth.
  5. e) Environmental Impact: Increased energy usage due to drafty windows contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation.


Solutions to Eliminate Drafts

  1. a) Window Insulation Films: Applying insulating window films can reduce drafts by creating an additional barrier to prevent air infiltration. These films are easy to install, cost-effective, and can enhance energy efficiency.
  2. b) Weatherstripping: Replacing worn-out weatherstripping or adding new weatherstrips can seal gaps around windows, reducing drafts. Various types, such as adhesive-backed foam tape or V-strip weatherstripping, are available.
  3. c) Caulking and Sealants: Applying caulking or sealants around window frames and sashes can fill gaps and prevent air leakage. Silicone-based or acrylic sealants are commonly used.
  4. d) Window Treatments: Installing heavy curtains, thermal blinds, or cellular shades can provide additional insulation, reducing drafts and heat loss.
  5. e) Secondary Glazing: Adding a secondary glazing system involves fitting an additional pane of glass or acrylic to existing windows, enhancing insulation and reducing drafts.
  6. f) Window Replacement: If windows are severely damaged or outdated, replacing them with energy-efficient models can provide a long-term solution. Double or triple-glazed windows with low-emissivity coatings offer superior insulation and reduced drafts.
  7. g) Professional Inspection and Maintenance: Seeking the assistance of a professional window contractor or technician can help identify and address underlying issues causing drafts effectively.



Drafty windows can significantly impact the comfort, energy efficiency, and overall quality of living in homes. By understanding the causes and consequences of drafts, homeowners in the Preston and Blackpool areas can employ appropriate solutions to eliminate drafts, ensuring a more comfortable and energy-efficient living environment.

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