Don’t let seized windows ruin your summer

Don’t let seized windows ruin your summer

Nothing more annoying than a window that decides that is has had enough and will not open for you. Basically a seized window.


Actually there is. The thing more annoying than a window that decides not to open when Preston or Blackpool have decided it is going to be a scorcher of a day outside and you desperately need that draught blowing through the kitchen.


Those scorching days we do not get too many of in Blackpool or Preston, and when they do come all we do is complain it is too hot.


But wait, let us go back and see how it all began.


One of the things that may cause a seized window is actually not making use of the window in the first place.  I do appreciate that in Blackpool or Preston we can get some quite inclement weather so we may not want to open the windows too much. Strange but it can happen, more so if the windows are those old wooden things that require constant maintenance and upkeep.  The wood need cleaning, sanding back, painting and so on. Otherwise the wood may get damp and swell in poor weather and thus seize in the frame so the thing will not be able to be opened without a lot of fuss and hassle. Conversely the window may not be able to be secured as it has swollen whilst open and this it feels like the opening window is too big for the hole it is supposed to fit into, which actually it will be. Not good in either case.


The first will prevent you from getting fresh air on those warm days, and the the other may be a security risk as it may allow the bad people to gain access.


Hold that thought though, you do not have those pesky wooden windows I stalled so why should that bother you? Well as it turns out, uPVC windows may fail but in a slightly different manner.  If a window has been left open for too long and the mechanism gets damp, this can cause problems by preventing the locking mechanism from functioning properly. So you may be able to close the window but not secure it. In effect the window is still open for all and sundry.


Another thing you may want to think about is the value of that seized window. As a seized window, you just get on with it and put up with the inconvenience of the hot weather without the fresh air. What if you want to sell your home? The potential purchaser may be put off if the survey comes back with the requirement to replace the glazing as it is old, or damaged, or in a poor state of repair. It seems surveys can point out the obvious now and then. This in turn gives the purchaser a possible way of bargaining down the amount they want to pay you because it will cost them to replace or repair this old and damaged windows.


In which case itay be worth your while spending a little time in keeping your windows in tip top condition, mainly to make use of the rare occasions that Blackpool and Preston get sunny days but also to get top price if you decide to move to a different property.


Something else that may inspire you to get this seized windows sorted is the smell. If you are anything like me I like to experiment in the kitchen. Occasionally I do quite a good job, but then there are also those experiments that are not quite so good ones.  These can end up with a pan that now has something scorched to the bottom of the pan and the air smells of burnt offerings. Without a window to help them waft the air around and out, these not so wonderful aromas can linger more than they should be allowed to do so. Yes, there may be a back door off the kitchen which can be opened for the bulk of the smoke to dissipate but it is good for a window to be left open longer and the back door may not be good if it is raining. Sometimes it is mandatory that a window is left open for a long time. This will not be the case if it is jammed shut. Maybe a well placed thump or two now and again may help dislodge it, but in the longer term it needs sorting properly before that well placed thump, or two, breaks the glass or the frame.


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