Best ways to seal a broken window until a repair is made

Best ways to seal a broken window until a repair is made

The Broken Windows theory, first studied by Philip Zimbardo and introduced by George Kelling and James Wilson, holds that visible indicators of disorder, such as vandalism, loitering, and broken windows, invite criminal activity and should be prosecuted as a result.

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OK the use of such psychology maybe a little over the top for a broken window that needs  glass replacement due to the kids energetic playing of football in the back garden.  But what can we do about it?

A glass replacement window repair is an obvious thing but on a Sunday morning, the uPVC technicians may not be answering their phones as it may be their day off.  We need to perform a quick temporary fix to the broken glass before a proper window repair can be carried out.

First steps, after we have confiscated the football, if there are obvious signs of glass we need to, very carefully, remove any glass that may be on the ground.  The use of heavy duty gloves would be beneficial if you can as sharp edges can cut deep.  Also if there are any loose pieces of broken glass in the frame if it is safe to remove these then that would be useful too.

If the broken window is just cracked then we are good right?

Keep in mind that it is more than just cracked glass

Small cracks in your window panes might be easy to ignore, but they’re more than just an eyesore. 

Once the glass is compromised, your windows won’t be able to effectively warm your home, as heat will escape through the cracks. All that lost heat causes your energy bills to increase.

Fixing the crack early with a glass replacement means you can keep the heat in, keeping you and your family warm without spending more on your gas.


Replace the pane, not the frame

Fingers crossed the frame is not damaged.  For a broken window you may be able to just get that panel replaced without the need for replacing the frame too which keeps your costs down.

Often broken window repairs are not limited to a specific window type – broken windows can be replaced with any size, colour and style of glass. This helps to keep costs low and means you won’t need to change the style of your windows. 

It’s a challengingly tricky problem. Once you have spotted a cracked window in your property it is incredibly frustrating and leaves you feeling a bit stressed and certainly disheartened. 

Although you might be tempted to turn a blind eye to it, it’s important that you deal with a crack in your window as soon as you spot it.

This way, you can make sure that the problem doesn’t escalate. By dealing with the crack while it’s still small, you can keep the costs and stress of fixing it to a minimum. 


Tips to Fix.

Masking tape/Duct Tape. This quick fix is a great way to temporarily repair a crack and stop it from growing. Simply apply a piece of tape to both sides of the windowpane if you can, pressing firmly as you do so. Also, make sure that the tape extends beyond the crack.

However, if the glass damage goes beyond one simple crack, and there are lots of splinter cracks, it would be best to remove the pane entirely. If you do so, make sure you wear thick heavy-duty gloves, and then cover the empty frame with a thick plastic sheet once the glass has been removed. 

Glass adhesives. You will often see this repair method used for things like car windshields. These adhesives are solvent-based and are designed to temporarily hold the glass intact, while you wait for it to be replaced.  

Two-part epoxy resin. For a single-pane piece of glass, you can use this resin to fix a small crack (known as a stress crack). For this DIY repair, you just need to combine the resin and the hardener, then quickly apply it both over and into the crack by using a putty knife.   

But in the end, you may need to get experts in to replace the glazing unit.


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