Benefits Provided by a New Door

Benefits Provided by a New Door

We can all appreciate the beauty in things.

The artistic endeavours that someone has toiled and wrestled with in order to provide a work of art, of something most beautiful. 

That painting that we can view and sit looking at and admire.  

The sculpture that we find most tactile, something we can touch and find new nuances in its form each time we look at it in differing light.

The door that enhances the from of our house as we approach it.


Ok maybe the front door is not the first thing we think about when it comes to artistic form.


However, if you take a really good look at the assorted designs of front doors as you drive around the areas you are living in or visiting, e.g. Blackpool or Preston, you will see an endless array of designs and colours.


Doors that are also in differing forms of repair too.


Think about the differences between the doors which are in need of repair versus a door which in newly installed. The older doors may have a nice “character” to them but are these doors any good after all this time?


Original wood front doors may or may not need repairing, they are more likely to need regular maintenance needs. Re-painting or re-oiling, but to do that you need to sand the door back to a clean finish before you apply the new product.  Draft proofing may not have been too much of a thought originally, back in the day of the door installation.  Now we have rising energy costs, insulation is one area we can work with quite easily to save money, which is what we all want.


Modern door designs are not just skin deep, the outer faces of each side of the door look good, have the right colour and pattern, splendid, however the internals of the door are also designed to work well.  Strength on the door to provide our homes with the security we want.  The internals also provide the door with the insulation properties we are looking for when we want to prevent those pesky, expensive, drafts.


Homes in Blackpool or Preston, or any home really, benefit when new doors are fitted as they can improve the aesthetic appearance and kerb appeal of a house. This can be fantastic news if you are wanting to get your home valued or sold.


You door furniture is another item where art comes in. Here again the forms are endless and you get limited items by limiting your imagination. For the technical types who are looking at the future home they may want the type of door lock that works on voice commands or fingerprint unlocking. Some cars can do this already, why not your front door. From one aspect it can prevent the lock being picked, no visible lock. With the wonderful types of weather have along the coast in Blackpool, Preston too, we may be able to unlock the door as we approach it before we get too soaked in the downpour.


So what are the benefits of a new door then? 

Sorry but I cannot really answer the question if it for personal reasons, my tastes in colour are likely to be different from yours, as are my choice of door design, as well as door furniture i.e. handles and letterbox.


Otherwise the benefits of a new door installation from a technical point of view would be the likelihood of less draughts, so a money saving there because you are using less gas or electric to keep your home warm. If you install a lovely new uPVC door then the maintenance challenges would reduce as these doors just need a wipe down to keep clean and a little care and attention to the locking mechanism every few months.  Security would also improve as they are likely to be stronger than older wooden doors, especially if they are in need of attention or are rotting. This would include the door frame too, not just the door.  


Last but not least for the kerb appeal. A new door enhances the homes welcome to new visitors and potential purchasers. After all it is likely one of the first impressions that they will get as they approach your home.  Think of it as one less item off their list of things to replace, which can be a good thing for a first time buyer. The less work they have to do the better, but for the experienced purchaser it would be one less thing they could negotiate a reduction in. 


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